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Caminito Del Rey (the queen's path)

During this walk you will get a good impression of the beautiful, unspoilt nature of El Chorro National Park, with a visit to the world famous Caminito del Rey as a highlight.

The walk on the Caminito del Rey must be booked by date and time.

You can order tickets yourself via the website of Caminito Del Rey or have them ordered by us in time.


Price: 11.5 euros per person (incl. Bus)

Duration: 2 to 3 hours


Horse riding (El Chorro)

Horse riding in the beautiful nature of Andalusia
Riding in the great outdoors is an incredible experience!
Where nature is still untouched and no car can reach.

Of course on a beautiful Andalusian horse.

The horse choice is adapted to the rider's ability.

This is also recommended for people who have never ridden a horse before.
All this is possible.

price: 25 € per hour with a minimum of 2 hours




Arabian bustard (El Chorro)

Not far from the Caminito, for example, is the so-called old 'Arabian Trap' or 'Escalera Árabe'. You can tell by the name: a healthy muscle exercise in the blue sky of Andalusia!

The route with the stairs goes from the station in the village of el Chorro (The Spurt) and 400 meters later it connects to the other signposted route Haza del Río.

This is a wide road going uphill through a replanted pine forest.

The views along the route are extraordinary. The uphill part of the road can be done along the Haza del Río path or the Arabian Steps, but the way down is towards El Chorro due to the steep terrain.

The experience you get in climbing is incredible because of all these wonderful cliffs on display. You will be overwhelmed with emotions from the very beginning and during the immersion in the Aleppo pine forest.

An uphill road with signs GR-7 leads to the Flandes mountain pass. It passes the ruins of an old quarry used in the building of the Reservoir La Encantada (Enchanted One) and comes to the Arabian Steps.


El Torcal (Antequera)

The El Torcal nature reserve, el Paraje Natural de El Torcal, is one of the most beautiful and impressive geological natural parks in Andalusia. Because of the unique limestone formation it almost gives a surreal and eerie feeling.

About 150 million years ago, most of the park was under the Tethys Ocean. The troubled earth cost caused the sea floor to rise into the mountains, bringing the sea floor to a height of 1,300 meters. Millions of years of rain and wind created several spectacular limestone formations all over Europe.

Duration: 1 to 3 hours (different routes)




Los Cahorros

Spanish Indiana Jones setting for all the family

If you dream of crossing imposing bridges in Indiana Jones style, then the Los Cahorros suspension bridges route is just for you! Or maybe you especially like to surprise the children with this adventure.





A refreshing walk through the río Chillar - Nerja

This route through the Chillar River is a classic trick for families to escape the heat in the summer. It runs through the Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama, in a truly unique environment and with all the guarantees of a wonderful day out for the family!

The route is also straightforward and easy to walk. However, comfortable footwear (such as river shoes) is recommended, and a strong branch for support can also be useful



is a city in the Spanish province of Málaga and lies on a deep gorge. That gorge (the Tagus) separates the new city, which dates back to about the 15th century, from the old city, which dates back to the time of Arab rule. In the Puente Nuevo, a stone bridge that spans the gorge, there is a vantage point with a view. The New Town Arena, a legendary 18th century square, is one of the city's most notable landmarks.




Málaga (by train from El chorro or Álora or car)

Under the watchful eye of Gibralfaro Castle, a lively and bustling town, full of beautiful spots such as the Alameda Principal or La Farola promenade, its status as the capital of the Costa del Sol makes it one of the most important tourist destinations in Spain , because of the climate, beaches, shopping .......

Very cozy atmosphere throughout the city with cozy streets with cafes and eateries, street animation ....

To climb:

A beautiful place divided into an infinite number of sectors with a great variety of rock formations that will certainly delight any climber. From explosive crashes to parallel fissures, plates, strips.
It is a pilgrimage site for climbers from all over Europe and even internationally due to the excellent climate during most of the year, the large number of roads and the diversity of orientations and types of climbing.
Along with hundreds of purely sporty roads, you can enjoy long roads, both fully equipped and self-protection.






Caminito Del Rey
heerlijk paardrijen in El Chorro
Arabische trap in El Chorro
El Torcal
los cahorros
rivierwandeling in Nerja
brug van Ronda
kasteel in Malaga
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